Why is my order status not progressing? Why is my order status not progressing?

Why is my order status not progressing?

Evan Evan

Your order status may not move from a certain stage to the next for few days maybe even a week or longer, however we are committed to insure that we ship out your new CLX system within the original Estimated Ship Time range displayed on the website when you placed your order. Orders sometimes get stuck at certain stages of production due to workflow constraints or production bottlenecks.


Typically the first few stages is where the order can remain the longest, but once it goes into a production stage it flows very quickly from there. If there are any components that are on back order in your build we will be contacting to offer you several options to remedy the delays. So do not be concerned at all we are doing everything we can in order to expedite the fulfillment of you new CLX system and meet or exceed estimated ship to times.


If You would like an update on the status of your order you can always check: https://www.clxgaming.com/orderstatus, all you need is your order number and email address you placed the order with.


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