How to contact the CLX Support team How to contact the CLX Support team

How to contact the CLX Support team

Evan Evan

The CLX Support team can handle any questions that you could possibly have, ranging from questions about computer configurations, to helping troubleshoot even the most complex issues! There are multiple different ways that you can contact our team of experts, these include:

  • You can email, or by submitting a support ticket at this link here. If you submit a ticket, please try to include an order number if possible.

  • By calling our team at our number: (855)-490-2569, and by selecting the option that best suits the reasoning for this call.

  • Using the built in “Live Chat” feature on the bottom right corner of any of our official websites.

  • By reaching out to any of our official CLX Gaming accounts on social media.

We will be able to help you out with any questions, concerns, or issues that come up at any point in the process from figuring out what kind of system works best for you, to already having the system and needing any kind of technical assistance.

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