How do I modify my order? How do I modify my order?

How do I modify my order?

Evan Evan

You can modify your order after you place it at any point as long as it did not ship out yet. However, if the order has made it to the production stage, change order fees may apply. The best way to request a modifications to your order is by submitting the Change Order Request Form. You can also contact us through chat, phone, or email to request the changes.


Once you submit the request, we will review all the requested changes, determine the cost difference, availability and compatibility of parts (if applicable), and the production stage of your order. We will respond with all the details and await your final approval.


If the cost difference results in a refund to you, we will issue the refund to the payment method you have used when you placed your order. If the cost difference results in an extra charge to you, we will send you a secure payment link with an invoice where you can use a credit card to pay it.


You have will have 7 days from the time you get the invoice in order to make your payment, otherwise we will go ahead and cancel the order change request and revert back to the original configuration of your order.

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