My computer starts and shows a "reboot and select proper boot device" screen My computer starts and shows a "reboot and select proper boot device" screen

My computer starts and shows a "reboot and select proper boot device" screen

Evan Evan



If you see the picture above when you start your system, there is most likely something wrong with one of your main drives in your CLX Computer. Don’t worry, we have a couple different steps that we can take to try and get it back up and running, but if you have had the system for a while, it might be that the main storage drive in your computer has died.


One of the easiest things to check for if you are seeing the “Please reboot and select proper boot device” error is to see if the main drive in your computer is connected properly. To do this, you are going to need to open the glass side panel that allows you to get access to the inside of your system. You are then going to look for a small M.2 drive, that’s about the size of a USB flash drive, installed directly into the motherboard. It is going to look like something like the picture below.




If you are not able to find the drive on the motherboard, it might be hidden underneath the graphics card, or under some plates on the motherboard itself. This is where we recommend you contact our support team, so that we can help you out with this issue.


To take off the drive, there is a single screw, once you remove that screw, the drive should lift up to roughly a 20-degree angle, to remove the drive entirely pull it out of the slot, in the same direction that the opposite side is pointing to. To put it back in, you would slide the drive back in at the same angle it popped out of, then screw it back in. Here is a video on how to both uninstall and install the drive:




If you put the drive back in, and the computer is still not powering on, then there might be an issue with the drive, or Windows itself. Usually, we would try to Reinstall Windows on the computer, and we can see if that allows you to start using the computer again. If it doesn’t, then there is an issue with that main Windows drive, and it needs to be replaced. We HIGHLY recommend that you contact our support team if you need to do either of these steps.

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