How to Activate your copy of Windows How to Activate your copy of Windows

How to Activate your copy of Windows

Evan Evan

Sometimes if you ever change components inside a computer, or make certain changes to the system, the Windows on your system can become de-activated. This isn’t an issue that will cause the system to stop working, but while the copy of Windows is de-activated, you will lose some cosmetic features of Windows for the mean time. This Is quite easy for us to fix; however, we just need some information from your system to get all the information from our internal databases.


You will need two different numbers to submit a request for a Windows key. You will first need the computer’s serial number. This can be identified through the blue and white sticker that is going to be on the back of the tower. The number is going to start with 40001000xxxxxx. Below is a picture of what it will look like.




The other number that you are going to need is the computer’s MAC address. This is a bit harder to find, but all you will need to do is follow the steps below.


  1. To start, press the Windows button on your keyboard, and then type in “Network Status”. Go ahead and open the “Network Status” settings window.

  2. Then, underneath your internet connections, it is going to show the main internet connection. If you are connected through ethernet, you should click on the “Properties” button.

  3. Finally, scroll down all the way in that menu, and you are going to see a list of properties, and at the bottom it is going to say, “Physical Address (MAC)”, copy the 12 characters that follow it, and you are good to go!



If you are connected to the internet wirelessly, you will need to find the ethernet connection in the “View Hardware and Connection properties” window under the “advanced options” in the “Network status” window.


On a new system, it will usually show up as a Local Area Network connection, and you should only see one or two of them at most. If possible, write down both, if you are unsure of which one is the ethernet connection you need.


Once you have all of those, send an email to, or reach out to our support team through any of the possible methods with that information, and they will be able to reply to your ticket with the windows key, along with instructions for activation.


If you recently changed the motherboard in your system, please let us know, as the Windows keys are tied directly to the motherboard used, so that might complicate things, so we cannot guarantee we are able to provide a new code.

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